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Meyer Seals worldwide

HR Management

Health management

Especially in the age of globalisation and a shortage of specialist workers, the staff are the most important part of the company. Healthy, motivated and high-performing staff of all ages are the core requirement for competitive companies. Like many other companies, Meyer Seals has also begun to promote the health of its staff in a targeted way in recent years.


Since February 2009, Meyer Seals has worked together with the Workout gym. For staff, sport is a good way to recharge and to break down stress after work. In addition, sport increases physical fitness. After all, many staff have jobs which require them to sit or bend over for long periods, which can lead to health problems in the long term. It is even easy for parents to take part in the fitness programme, as the gym also offers childcare.
Every member of staff who visits the Workout gym regularly is provided with training clothes by the company. In order to motivate the staff to visit the gym, there is a rewards model which rewards frequent gym visits.

Occupational safety

In order to ensure healthy working conditions, each member of staff in production receives tailor-made ear protectors, as the machines used in the stamping department and foam extrusion emit high levels of noise.
In addition, the company bears the cost of safety shoes for all production staff.

The Occupational Medical Service (BAD)

The Occupational Medical Service (BAD) conducts health checks at Meyer-Seals every two years. These checks examine three different areas:
1. G37:    VDU work stations
2. G25:    Driving, steering and monitoring activities
3. G20.1: Noise 
If health concerns arise during these checks, multiple further checks are carried out at shorter intervals, and the staff are referred to specialists if necessary.

Annual vaccinations and health day

Flu vaccinations are offered at Meyer Seals once a year. In order to ensure that as many staff as possible participate in the scheme, those who do are entered in a prize draw. At the same time, a health day is held, offering services such as a lung function test, “Healthy Back” and nutrition advice. In addition, the company pays for any vaccinations the staff may need, for example for holidays abroad.