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Meyer Seals worldwide
  • NEW: ALKOzell™ mono

    Meyer Seals® has developed ALKOzell™ mono, a fully recyclable secondary reseal liner that utilises a polymer in either Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) which is 100% compatible with the material used to manufacture the closure.

    More on ALKOzell™ mono
  • NEW: ALKOseal™ glasSecure™

    ALKOseal™ glasSecure™ is Meyer Seals® next-generation induction heat-sealing liner for glass jars. With its hermetic sealing capabilities on glass it offers excellent protection against all types of aggressive fatty/oily contents.

    More on ALKOseal™ glasSecure™
  • ALKOvin™ active

    Our new ALKOvin™ active liner addresses a problem that regularly faces wine producers worldwide.

    More on ALKOvin™ active
  • Meyer Seals® goes greener

    EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the most credible and robust environmental management tool on the market that focuses on continual improvement of environmental performance of the organisation.

    More on EMAS
  • ALKOflex™ tab

    This one-piece induction sealing insert with its large grip tab in contrasting colors is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The grip tab area is free from metallic components and ensures the highest possible sealing quality.

    More on ALKOflex™ tab...
  • ALKOseal™ pierce 'n' peel™

    The product innovation from Meyer Seals. With pierce 'n' peel™, we have developed a product that is clear and intuitive to use. The print and the shape of the opening area can be designed according to your requirements.

    Learn more on Product Innovation...
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