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Meyer Seals worldwide

ALKOseal™ glasSecure™

ALKOseal™ glasSecure™ is Meyer Seals® next-generation induction heat-sealing liner for glass jars.


With its hermetic sealing capabilities on glass it offers excellent protection against all types of aggressive fatty/oily contents and addresses a widely-known challenge in the packaging industry. It provides optimal sealing along the supply-chain and for E-commerce purposes due to the ability to withstand higher temperatures and changing pressure in altitudinal conditions.


ALKOseal™ glasSecure™ can be offered as a sustainable and recyclable sealing solution. It is compatible with Meyer Seals' ALKOzell™ mono liner, therefore making it possible to customize the substrate material to match polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) closure material.


For brand enhancement different customization and printing options are available.