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Meyer Seals worldwide

ALKOvin™ active

Our new ALKOvin™ active liner addresses a problem that regularly faces wine producers worldwide.


Among wine professionals, the terms "reductive flavour" and "post bottling off-flavour" are used to describe a phenomenon regularly reported by experts since tin/PVDC liners were introduced. 


With these liners, reductive conditions (low oxygen) lead to the formation of volatile sulphur compounds. A wide variety of undesirable odours is the unwelcome consequence for consumers and producers, and the resulting commercial losses are severe. 


With its acceptor layer, our new product binds and deactivates the sulphur compounds responsible for undesirable odours, preserving the wine's precious aroma. At the same time, it has an oxygen transmission rate equal to that of a tin/PVDC liner and contains no PVC components. The insertion process remains unchanged.