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Meyer Seals worldwide



Meyer Seals® Asia are celebrating 500 LinkedIn Followers

During a difficult year, reduced to no travel, its so important in keeping in touch with our LinkedIn followers on packaging innovations, new technologies, packaging solutions, customer interaction and job opportunities this is...


ALKOvin™ active - Preferred by wine makers

Meyer Seals® ALKOvin™ active is #winemakers preferred choice! Read here how #ALKOvin™ active convinced Nico Caspari & Uwe Jostock, Caspari-Kappel winery: “Before we used the ALKOvin™ active liner, we struggled many years...


Welcome! Meet the Meyer Seals® family!

Today, we have the pleasure in introducing Simon Kühle, Head of Customer Service Management! “I joined Meyer Seals® in 2009 as an intern and my "career" began after the successful completion of a vocational training as...


Amazing Songkran Festival

Songkran, or Thailand’s water festival, is an occasion of great fun especially in the major cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Between 13th – 15th April this is the Traditional Thailand Lunar New Year, also called Songkran’s...


ALKOvin™ active: For optimal aroma

ALKOvin™ active liner is Meyer Seals Group® pressure seal which ensures optimal aroma for wine in screw caps! With its acceptor layer, the ALKOvin™ active liner binds and deactivates the sulphur compounds (VSCs) responsible for...


Meet the Meyer Seals® Team

Today, we have the pleasure in introducing Sandip Talekar, who brings in an international background and joined our team just recently! ''After completing my masters degree in Global production Engineering at the Technical...


Generation Z - Making an informed choice

Realistically, the name Generation Z is a placeholder for the youngest people on the planet. Born between 1997 and 2015, attributes of Generation Z range: · Diversity is their norm.· They are our first “digital natives”. ·...

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