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Meyer Seals worldwide



Meyer Seals® steps up to the latest induction trend

It is a common problem! We have all heard the request ‘Required a hermetic sealed Induction sealed liner with a pressure foam re-seal liner’. For two long companies thought the only solution was to double wad the closure. If a...


Complete your branding ID with Meyer Seals®

Promoting brand recognition through print harmonisation of the Meyer Seals® induction liner and the container label. Nisakorn shows that having induction liners that have print features that vividly stand out through a...


Strengthen brand perception and brand loyalty

Who would have thought that a Meyer Seals liner, when it is promotional branded could bring so much consumer loyalty? Being harmonised with the brand and helping to promote repeat purchase of the product, amazingly brings so many...


Even undetectable by Sherlock Holmes

Having the choice of the right seal for your container gives brand owners the confidence in safety and in convenience, that is what Meyer Seals® provides. Induction seals that include new designs that improve safety from...


Meyer Seals Asia – Product Value Added Benefits

Upon removal of the closure you’ll probably see one of Meyer Seals® Asia induction liners sealed to the container, whether it is ALKOsafe™ or ALKOseal™ the induction liner will be blocking the dispensing of the product,...


Meyer Seals Asia – Product Value Added Benefits

In layman’s terms Induction sealing is the process of hermetically bonding thermoplastic materials by induction heating. This involves controlled heating of an aluminium foil by electromagnetic radio frequency waves. Contact a...


Read the latest news on Meyer Seals® Sustainability innovations

At Meyer Seals® we understand our brand owners’ sustainable  goals and embrace them as our own, applying creativity, experience, integrity and dedication to deliver superior induction sealing liners, while reducing our...

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