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Meyer Seals worldwide



Meyer Seals® the global leaders in pre-cut liner technology

Janina Herbst, SEALution specialist details out the sustainability advantages of using pre-cuts over slit tape. Whether it is reduction in transportation cost, not having to dispose of punching waste and ensure that your liner is...


Classic strength & everyday protection

Nisakorn Seehaphong our SEALution specialist in Thailand is showcasing ALKOglue™ a two-piece liner used for direct gluing on the container and has a polyolefin bond between the reseal material and the aluminium membrane. Meyer...


Meyer Seals® foam liners from bio-based materials

Bioplastics incorporate plant based material like sugarcane in their manufacturing process as part of the next generation of lining materials from Meyer Seals®, bio-based plastics are made from renewable sources that will replace...


Reducing the overall pack weight with ALKOflex™ tab

Alexandra Stoeva, Meyer Seals® Asia SEALutions specialist explains that along with induction sealing comes numerous benefits to your sustainability efforts. If you are not using an induction seal, it is possible you are missing...


Anti-Counterfeiting solutions from Meyer Seals®

Join Alexander Gablenz the SEALutions specialist in Thailand as he showcases a couple of the anti-counterfeiting options from Meyer Seals®. With several more Overt, Covert and Forensic anti-counterfeiting options from Meyer...


Check out the latest animation of ALKOflex™ tab

Our latest SEALutions specialist Kerstin Sievers showcases today a 3D animation featuring the benefits of an intuitive opening, one-piece induction liner from Meyer Seals® the ALKOflex™ tab. Meyer Seals® developed ALKOflex™ tab...


Hermetic sealing onto glass for more than 30 years

For over 30 years Meyer Seals® has been induction sealing to glass, with a track record that cannot be beat. Meyer Seals® utilisation of different heat-seal faces give the capabilities to withstand volatile oil compounds that can...

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