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Meyer Seals worldwide



Nescafe adopts fully recyclable caps

Nestle has taken a step closer towards achieving its Sustainable Development Goals by adopting fully recyclable caps for their brand Nescafé. Meyer Seals Group®- The SEALutions company® is...


Meyer Seals® adopts 100% certified green electricity

As a part of our sustainability goals, we have decided to adopt 100% certified green electricity in our production facilities, and have engaged in long-term contracts with our supplier for the same. This Certified Green...


Discovering Meyer Seals® Production in Asia

Meyer Seals® ASIA has been manufacturing in Thailand since 2008, and in its current facility for the past eight years. During this time liner volumes and countries serviced in the ASIAN region has grown every year. The...


Meyer Seals® OVERT solution to anti-counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a dangerous and growing problem for all industries, which brings a range of negative effects for the industry, farmers and the environment. These negative impacts of counterfeit products include: - Economic...


Meyer Seals® Product Market Mix - Thank you for joining us!

Hope you enjoyed Meyer Seals® journey through the product market mix and different liners that can be applied to all these different markets. Whether its induction sealed, pressure sealed or wet glued applied Meyer Seals® Asia...


Meyer Seals® Product Market Mix - 12. Motor Oils/Lubricants/Petroleum

ALKOsafe™ is Meyer Seals® Asia range of wax laminated two-piece induction heat sealing liners. ALKOsafe™ is ideally suited for sealing products in the motor oil / lubricants / petroleum markets. ALKOzell™ satisfies both the...



ALKOzell™ mono, Meyer Seals® has developed a fully recyclable secondary reseal liner that utilises a polymer in either Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) which is 100% compatible with the material used to manufacture the...

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