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Meyer Seals weltweit



Extending shelf life and so much more

Lenoo Zhang, Meyer Seals® SEALutions specialist based in the sales office in Shanghai, China, explains that when using ALKOflex™ liners the content is hermetically sealed and remains factory fresh after sealing and throughout the...


ALKObond™ for optimum preservation

Lenoo Zhang, Meyer Seals® SEALution specialist in China showcases ALKObond™ liners this week, they can be supplied with either a specific registered or a continuous print pattern and up to six colours. The Aluminium membrane...


No restrictions on opening functionality

Today Janina Herbst, SEALution specialist from Germany explains why ALKOseal™ pierce n peel has many good reasons to celebrate: Ensuring that the coffee aroma is hermetically sealed within the container keeping it factory fresh....


Meyer Seals® achieves EMAS certification

Great achievement Meyer Seals®, the recent accreditation of the EMAS certification is certainly praiseworthy. Bringing the resource of the Meyer Seals® team together around a common goal of environmental management is a big step...


PP foam liners to match your PP closure

A great recycling initiative from Meyer Seals® that now have the in-house capability of supplying Polypropylene foam as a primary pressure seal or as a secondary re-seal induction liner to match the Polypropylene material of your...


Using wood-based materials from a sustainable source

Meyer Seals® facilities both in Europe and in South East Asia subscribe to sustainable forest management through the PEFC program ensuring the three pillars of sustainability that are:...


ALKOvin™ active revolutionises wine preservation

Vasileios Sakalis, Meyer Seals® SEALutions specialist is showcasing today how ALKOvin™ active is the first liner for the wine industry to ‘manage the un-manageable’ this innovation is the perfect insurance policy against any...

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